ELV PROJECTS Partners with Renowned Sculptor for Beloved Temple’s Transformation

ELV PROJECTS, a respected developer based in East Bengaluru, is honoured to be collaborating with the legendary Indian sculptor, Arun Yogiraj, on a very special project. Sri Yogiraj, known for his work –( Ram Lalla Idol for the Ayodhya Temple), will be crafting a Radha Krishna Idol for a cherished 20-year-old temple located on Borewell Road in Whitefield.

This temple holds deep significance for the local community, and ELV PROJECTS is committed to supporting its growth. Thanks to a generous land donation from ELV PROJECTS, the temple’s footprint will now expand fivefold. ELV PROJECTS is taking a lead role in overseeing the temple’s comprehensive development.

Building a Legacy Beyond Structures

ELV PROJECTS unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fuels various initiatives. From tackling emergencies like Covid relief and disaster response to championing healthcare and environmental sustainability, ELV PROJECTS makes a positive impact. Their dedication shines through in projects like Miyawaki forestation, which promotes rapid reforestation, and eye donation camps, ensuring the gift of sight.

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation

ELV PROJECTS ‘ flagship projects, like ELV KINGSLAND, ELV HIGHGARDEN, and ELV AKRUTI ARK, stand as testaments to their dedication to quality and innovation. With a secure future development plan backed by a 400-acre land bank, ELV PROJECTS is poised for continued growth.

The ELV Group: A Force for Good

ELV GROUP, the parent company of ELV PROJECTS, extends its positive impact beyond real estate. Through diverse ventures like THE PRODIGIES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BRUNEX, CHEMTEX, EARNIC STUDIOS, MERCADOS, ELV HEALTHCARE, URBAN SECURITY FORCE and the ELV GROUP continues to make a significant contribution across various sectors.

Together, ELV PROJECTS and ELV Group are dedicated to enriching the lives of those they serve.

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