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Our Story

ELV Projects was founded in 2009 as an initiative by Bhaskar Erugadindla.He was in to contract business initially but was always passionate to construct something better. He quickly grasped the nitty gritty of the trade and established connections. But soon he realized his interest in construction business.He stepped in to arena of residential constructions.

Veera Kumar Reddy Oleti comes from a background of IT. He had a great success in the field of IT and even travelled to other countries.He was always curious and interested in constructions. His interest lead to passion and made him land in the field of constructions.He has been doing his due research for few years and during that journey has been associated with Bhaskar.Their friendship grew in to partnership, which only shown great results..

The combination of business acumen combined with methodical reasearch had laid foundation for greater heights. The business models have changed, construction principles have transformed, a mid size company has evolved in to a corporate. With strong team now the company caters to large scale residential and commercial constructions across multiple geographies.


Your space demands Royalty, Your space deserves your personality

Our Vision

Over a period of time our consutruction methodologies have evolved, out projects size has increased and partnership have multifolder. Within next decade we want to be recognized as one of most reliable builders across the nation.

Though it is always an aim of any business to grow and succeed, our company’s goal is to grow and contribute to wellness of the society. We had been contributing to various social activities since the beginning of our journey. Our main objective is not just building homes but to create great societies that promotes natural living and communal harmony.

Our Principles

There is no one perfect way of doing things.So we have been adopting and evolving our methodologies

Through continuious reaserach and providing optimum quality we are able to deliver best Homes; which are true value for your investments.We strive our best to deliver best possible customer experience. And provide honest investment advice to all.

It is natural to destory the green for building majestic constructions. We strive to build gray around the green and try to increase green footprint as much as possible.

our founder

Bhaskar Erugadindla

Bhaskar Erugadindla is founder and chairman of ELV PROJECTS. He was in to multiple businesses but found his passion in construction business. A master of construction methodologies and a great leader of people.

our vice president

Veera Kumar Oleti

Veera Kumar Reddy Oleti is Vice President of ELV Projects. To make living better and to build healthy societies, he ventured in to the field of constructions. A visionary leader and highly ethical person.


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